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Do we need a website to start an internet based career
2 مهر 95 ساعت 09:16 | | حسین زینی وند | ( نظرات )

Do we need a website to start an internet based career?
According to the following explanations the answers will be YES
People usually ask for the need of a website to start an internet based career and if the answer is yes then what company should design it and what qualifications should be considered it designing i  
First of all I have to mention that I have previously explained to some extent about the necessity of having a website in the Iran E-Commerce Group, at www.iecg.ir but what I am going to write in this article is more useful and more up to date. 
1. I have to say that the answer to the question about the need of a website is yes you 100 % need it.  For example the need of a website to start an internet based career is the same as the need of a swim pool for a swimmer or a contender for a wrestler. I cannot think of a better example now. 

2. if we consider the internet based career as a body then an appropriate website acts as its leg for walking and running and if that leg has enough strength in that new trade route considering all the plans and programming and a good start up the it leads us to faster success now the more strength and power these legs have we can have more balance in our business but if that leg have some problems and be limp its slips reflects all the body and in other words spoils everything else too.  All I am saying here is my own 10 years experiences in e-commerce and also other people’s experiences, these experiences are very costly for one who experience them , you will have a great capital having these experience for free. 
3. What company and who should design our website? In my previous articles which I will soon upload in my personal sites as FaceBook articles I mentioned that you should have an idea and pattern for your career and give this to your designers please have that in mind if you allow someone to design your website without having any ideas about your career is the same as having a tailor making you a suit without considering your style and favorite color then he will sew it as he likes.  It is the same for designing a website without having any idea and we criticize the programmers in Iran who usually do not consider a trader in their designs and only know the programming and website creation and this is not their fault for software engineering and programming in Iran universities do not have any credits as web marketing or online marketing. Those who have the knowledge and proficiency had the effort to learn it themselves.
Then please have this very important factor in mind that you first need the material and style then take it to the tailor . It is the same for designing a website or they will create it as they wish and that will be the same as having a limp leg in business and trade and its natural that once we do not have balance and a good leg we’ll stumble on every difficulty and we’ll lose the balance and everything else will be ruined too. 
4. This is very important to know unfortunately in website designing market in Iran and even outside of Iran there are many frauds for there is enough information available for those who need these services, still there are many companies that who are trustable in e-commerce market and appoint indicators for it but its your right to read and have more knowledge about that and recognize the right from wrong and if you are looking for a powerful leg do not neglect.
5. How can we know and determine if the designed site is good or not? This is a very important question. Designing a site requires its unique basics and rules. I always consider designing a website the same as building an apartment meaning that each person has a different role in building it from the architect , construction to blacksmith and if you see someone says that I can build a whole website myself , I truly recommend that the first thing you do is to be suspicious about it for a website have different parts from programming to graphic, security , database which is the most important part in a commercial site and each one of them requires a different specialist although one can be professional in all these aspects ; don’t forget that a well done job is required to have a perfect parts and its improbable that one have proficiency in all these fields. A website requires much proficiency just like an apartment. 
All available websites in world wide web which I will discuss about it later must be programmed according to a special basics called www.w3.org. The world is divided into two different groups, the real world and the cyber world. The cyber world is the host to one third of the world’s population which is a significant number then having any activity in that cyber space has its own instructions and for use designing a site has special rules but w3 basics are among the things that webpage designer must obey its rules according to its protocols and instructions which are updated regularly.  What’s that got to do with us? We don’t have the programming knowledge how can we be sure that the one who designed and created our site obeyed the w3 rules or disobeyed them. In most cases we do not need to have the knowledge about how to create a website like a polite that may not have all the architected knowledge of how to build a plane, all he needs to know is to how operate the plane and how to handle the aircraft in emergency situations if any. Having know that we do not need to know lots of technical information there are many tools and website that help us to realize our site errors and problems.  One of the sites that can report our site programming mistakes according to w3 is www.validator.w3.org with this website you can check your website or other website’s errors and problems but analyzing these errors must be done by an expert for some errors can be tolerated or they occurred because of different algorithm changes by time but the errors that have significant effects in searching engines and have security and hacking effects are more important. You can even see such errors in big sites like Facebook and Google but the sites which are according to w3 basics are a passed website. You can check www.w3.org for yourself. 

6. Your website must be compatible with searching engines or designed according to SEO basis, this part is very important in your market. After each site is designed and is ready to be uploaded to the World Wide Web, in my opinion must at least have 80% SEO and that is not a difficult task for a professional programmer. There may be differences between the SEO percentage of the home page and inner pages but what is important to me is the home page or your domain name. You can use the following the site to determine your site SEO. 
7. Here I want to introduce two important tools for having more knowledge and insight about your site. Please pay attention many of website designers and companies boast about being the best in the market but here is couple of important tips I want to share with you and I have not experienced anything more important than that so far.
a) Before submitting your website design to a company or website designer you should evaluate their previous works and customers and even contact them by telephone or email and talk about it and ask their opinions. This is very important and has great effect on our business. You can also analyze their websites by error measuring and analyzing tools. 

b) Search for the successful website for example one may say my ideal site is digikala or takhfifan . Well these sites have reached the success why and how? Is the company which is going to design your website has designed any successful sites which has reached the point to have profitable transactions?

c) You can even ask the banks which render internet transaction services and do not rely only to the claims of website designers . See which one of the sites that they have designed has reached a point to be a commercial site and how many successful transactions they have each day and if they have any successful site like istgah or netbarg among their works. This is something that you should have in mind that means if they have such customers then it can create a successful site for you too. There may even be sites which reached that point and there maybe some problems and errors occurred then is the customer still satisfied and is there not any disorder in their work? I think the best evidence someone can use to determine the proficiency of a designer and a company is to see how many successful projects they had so far.
I will discuss more interesting topics in my future articles. If you have any questions or concern please do not hesitate to contact me either by mail, skype: hosein_zeinivand or call me at: 00989121870651
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